Michael Thurmond

Michael Thurmond first caught our attention in the early 1980s, with the beginning of his 6 Week Body Makeover, a weight-loss and body sculpting program tailored to suit each individual’s metabolism and weight loss needs. Today, the six week makeover program is still going strong and Michael has joined the American reality series, Extreme Makeover to help participants attain their body and dreams through customized diet and exercise programs.

Passionate Beginning

According to Michael, his passion for fitness began at a very early age. A fat, nerdy kid who ate for emotional fulfilment, Michael learned how positive thinking along with diet, cardiovascular exercise, and weight training could make him the master of his own body. Using that knowledge and power, Michael went on to change himself – winning several body building trophies along the way. Then he decided to use his knowledge to help others; and embarked upon a mission to help Americans get fit and feel great.

The 6 Week Body Makeover

Michael began the 6 Week Body Makeover program in San Francisco, where it got immediate attention. Then, in 1989 Michael moved to Los Angeles, where through word of mouth, his program gained popularity with the LA crowd. Today, Michael has 25 locations throughout Southern California, each staffed by trainers specially-trained in Michael’s methodology. In addition to his California locations, Michael also offers his program to an America-wide audience through his website, via infomercials, and regular appearances on the Home Shopping Network. His most recent endeavour is the Michael Thurmond Spa Body Makeover, offered at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica, California.

Michael’s Methodology

The crux of Michael’s method is helping dieters determine how their body responds to food and from that, determining their metabolic type. This, Thurmond claims, is the key to getting good results in a shorter time frame. From there, a customized makeover is created based upon your body type and needs. Follow the program and you will see results.

Our Opinion

While Michael does promote a balanced diet and includes exercise, he also suggests that exercise need only target specific muscles in problem areas – and that goes against our fitness common sense. Michael also suggests that you only need 30-36 minutes per week; which we feel just isn’t enough. Finally, participation in his program can be expensive. So, if you are considering losing weight with Michael Thurmond, we would suggest visiting the website and forums to see what others have to say about it before committing.

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Pat Martin (April 24th, 2010)

I have been on the six day diet and am now into two weeks I have lost 13 pounds and am walking 1-3 miles every day. I feel good. I am not an obese person I have a health issue that needs some serious work. My gastroentrologist recommended this diet to help bring my liver enzymes down. I only need to lose about ten more pounds and I will be at my weight when I got out of high school. Many years ago. Would appreciate some input into this health issue and what this diet will continue to do for me. I am going to continue on I see my doctor again mid may. Thanks.

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