Jon Gabriel

Jon Gabriel, author of The Gabriel Method, is a weight-loss success story all unto himself. A graduate of Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Jon obtained a B.S. in economics as well as worked with recognized biochemist Dr. Jose Rabinowitz in extensive biochemistry study. It was by drawing on his knowledge of biochemistry that helped Jon obtain the weight-loss results he now shares with others through his method.

Jon was not always a fat man. In fact, it wasn’t until 1990, when he began to gain excessive weight for no apparent reason, that his weight became an issue. At first, he tried dieting – moving from one diet to another in the hopes of shedding the unwanted pounds – but it seemed that the more he tried to lose, the more he gained. So eventually, he became frustrated and gave up. At the height of his weight gain, he was at over 400 pounds.

But, as with every success story, there came a turning point. For Jon it was September 11, 2001 when he narrowly missed being on United Airlines Flight 93; the flight we now know was destined to be hijacked by terrorists, in an event which left no survivors. Jon, shaken by the narrow escape from death, as well as the events of 9/11, took a hard look at himself – all 400 pounds of it – and didn’t like what he saw. So he decided to change.

Applying his research skills and scientific background to understanding why he was fat and then doing something about it, Jon managed to lose over 225 pounds without dieting and without surgery. And his body shows few of the tell-tale signs that generally accompany massive weight loss – scars and stretch marks are virtually nonexistent.

Born from Jon’s experience is The Gabriel Method. According to Jon, it is not a diet but a way to tap into your body’s own logic to decide how fat or thin you are going to be. With his method, Jon takes a holistic approach to losing weight. There is no calorie-counting or measuring portions; instead, the program focuses on achieving lasting and sustainable weight loss.

While we believe The Gabriel Method offers a lot, this diet is not for everyone. For one, it doesn’t offer a specific diet plan, which can be difficult for those needing the added boost of being told exactly what they can eat. And, the weight loss is gradual, which can lead to frustration and giving up altogether. So, while it is a good program that offers positive long-term effects, people who need more guidance and quicker results may want to look elsewhere.

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shannon (April 24th, 2010)

i have been doing everything i am supposed to with regards to the gabriel method an i have had the stuff for MONTHS now but i haven’t lost a thing and i don’t understand why. i have completely changed my lifestyle an eating habits and everything. so can someone please tell me how i can start losing this because i am begining to think that this whole thing was a sham unless someone can prove me wrong.

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