Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating

Seattle Sutton is both the name of the owner of this weight loss program, and the brand / product itself. Initiated in 1985, the company is still family owned – and follows principals based upon Seattle’s own weight loss efforts when she was younger.

The system simply places participants on a restrictive diet – requiring them to purchase and consume a Seattle Sutton meal twice or three times per day. The meals available on the program are all standardized – meaning that there is no option as to how big the meal is, and therefore no consideration as to how much you weigh when you sign up. In saying that, there is a choice of a 1200 calorie per day intake plan, and a 2000 calorie per day plan – but that’s it.

Unfortunately, Seattle Sutton’s pricing leaves a lot to be desired. The first thing you will notice if you sign up is that the prices for the meals are different in every state. The further away you are from the headquarters office, the more you pay. The second thing to hit you will be the price of a meal itself. Attracting a huge “brand premium”, Seattle sells products which can easily be sourced in the supermarket for a fraction of the cost.

A Scientific Based Approach

To counter these prices, the Seattle Sutton weight loss program professes a highly scientific approach to calorie consumption. By diving deep in to the components of every mouthful – meals adhere to a very strict energy plan – allowing for exact quantities of calories to be consumed each and every day.

The Seattle Sutton website contains a wealth of information about each meal – including all of the ingredients, nutrients, and health information relevant to specific foods. This is particularly useful when calculating your daily intake of things such as protein, carbohydrates, and fat – however some of the fun does get taken away when you ultimately realize that your daily consumption always adds up to one of the levels quoted above (1200 cal or 2000 cal).

Nevertheless, Seattle’s meals are tasty, and the portion sizes are somewhat appropriate to what you would expect on a traditional dieting program.


If you are expecting a personalized eating plan to further your weight loss goals, you run the risk of being disappointed by Seattle’s program. The company does have a pleasing range of products – however these are simply sold to you upon your order and payment – and no personalized service is on hand. Interestingly, Seattle Sutton even admit on their website that they are not counselors or nutritionists, and hence advise you to visit your doctor or physician for professional dieting instructions or plans.

All in all, this leaves Seattle just about on par with most other weight loss schemes. Good for adding to a comprehensive weight management program – but severely deficient on its own.

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