LA Weight Loss

Of all the weight loss programs out there for people to choose from, the LA weight reduction system is one of the better ones. Being relatively new to the industry – the approach they take is similarly fresh. Instead of providing you with food parcels and forcing you to do this, eat that, and have a meal at this time, they leave the critical decisions to you – and simply coach you through the process.

On the surface, this is an excellent start. No branded food alternatives which the company relies on for profit, and no constant hunger as the result of insufficient quantities of shakes and liquid food. However, when we drill down and analyze the advice being given by the coaches, an interestingly basic approach is all that is employed.

Technical Scheduling & Meal Reduction

We’ve all heard that you should chew your mouthfuls of food 20 or so times before you swallow. Myth? Or something more relevant? It is these technical factors of calorie consumption which the LA Weight Loss program focuses on. Their theory is that by educating you on how the body processes food, you can train yourself to eat less overall – and therefore (combined with exercise), lose weight.

This certainly makes us wonder – couldn’t you have read about that on the internet? Do you really need a coach to inform you of such things, and are the tips and tricks really going to result in a tangible reduction in weight?

From true participant testimonials, we think not. Most people who have been on the LA Weight Loss program cite confusion and lack of results as the main factors leading to the unsuccessful outcomes they experienced. As well as this, the price of weekly coaching is comparable to that of a gym membership plus personal training twice a week.

Good, but Not Good Enough

Overall, our review of the LA Weight Loss system is that yes – the company is going down the right track with its coaching and support components. If you have an abundance of money, this is probably a good addition to a further weight reduction effort of program. However, by itself, it doesn’t seem to stack up to the demands of a modern day, comprehensively inclusive program.

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